Welcome to the Central Texas Droid Builders club. We proudly serve the Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, Dripping Springs and surrounding Central Texas towns and cities. Our builders are members of the R2-D2 Builders Club, BB-8 Builders Club, C-3PO Builders Club and Mouse Droid Builders Clubs. These are all international Internet fan based clubs with thousands of members worldwide. Using the web as a common means to gather information and share thoughts and ideas with one common goal... to build our very own life sized replicas of Star Wars doids!  

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread joy and excitement by showcasing our Star Wars droids at local charity, education and pop-culture events. Our droids are custom built by our members and can take several years to complete at thousands of dollars in cost. We love to give back to our communities by participating in children's hospital room visits, give educational talks at schools and attend charity and fund raising events.

Where can I see your Droids in person or request an Appearance? 

FacebookThe best place to find out our next event or to contact us for an upcoming event is our Facebook page.  www.facebook.com/CentralTexasDroids There you can see what events we have planned, past event photos and to contact us if you have an event that you think we might be interested in attending. 

What is a Star Wars Droid? 

In the movie Star Wars there are many droids. An Astromech droid such as R2-D2 and R5-D4, was a type of droid that served as an automated mechanic, performing a variety of repair duties and often serving as an adjunct or substitute for a nav computer on smaller starships. There are also Protocal doids such as C-3PO who specializes in translation, etiquette and cultural customs, and is typically humanoid in appearance. Other droids such as Mouse Droids carried out cleanup and basic repair duties, and could serve in security and communications fields. 

So, I want to build one, what do I do first?

If you are looking to build an Astromech Droid, we recommend that you join the R2-D2 Builders forum, Astromech.net. If you are looking to build a BB-8 droid, we recommend the BB-8 Builders Forum. And if you are looking to build a Protocal droid, the C-3PO Builders Forum is the place to start. For Mouse droids you can go to the Mouse Droid Builders Forum.  And read, read, read and then re-read. There is a wealth of information on these forums and wiki pages. Don't rush into this project thinking you will have it done in a few days, weeks or even months. Most builders don't complete their droids for years and not without considerable financial investment.

This is a fan based site. All likenesses of characters from the Star Wars universe are copyright of their creators and used solely for fan based promotion of this club.